The beautiful paper art of Matt Shlian

Paper engineer Matt Shlian has produced his latest series of paper pieces replete with intricate geometric patterns. Check out the Process series which are made of layered sheets of paper. 

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Hera Films is a multi-talented group of Filmmakers. From Weddings to inspirational stories, the group at Hera Films is passionate about storytelling and the power of connecting with viewers through the medium of Film.

We were definitely excited when they asked us to join them at the start of their journey and create their visual identity. Taking a combination of their visual aesthetics and their passion for narratives, we established a mark that hinted at elements of a journey. From the identity, our work extended to wedding price sheets and a promotional poster.

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Minimalist Illustrations That Will Make You Smile



Minimalist Illustrations That Will Make You Smile







This is pretty cool and eye-opening. I wish someone would do this sort of thing with male 6-pack ab models. 

They even Photoshopped the woman behind Selena’s arm, because apparently not only do celebrities have to be thin, but they must also only associate with other thin people…

Enrico Francis has been caught

This pisses me off so incredibly much!

This is ridiculous. And disgusting. beautiful people being photoshopped to fit impossible standards AND most of the non-caucasian women are being white washed so they look more “appealing” 

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